Skylift Services Inc. has established a reputation for fast, dependable service.  Being the largest and most complete crane and picker service in southern Saskatchewan, with over 35 years of experience, we have the knowledge, equipment, and understanding necessary to complete any job safely and efficiently. We know that our employees are our greatest asset, so you can rest assured that our staff is qualified and ready to help.

In 1982, Dwight Packer (founder of Skylift) left his employer and began serving Saskatchewan’s southeast area with a brand new fifteen ton stinger.  Since then, the company has grown to include four boom trucks (27, 30, 42 and 45ton), six rough terrain cranes (15, 35, 50, 55, 75 & 100 ton), mobile cranes from 35 to 110 ton, as well as the 120 and 245 ton all terrain cranes, with boom heights reaching 350 feet.  Also available, are four highway tractors, and a variety of flat-deck, and equipment hauling trailers.  A few new additions to the Skylift fleet, are : the TEREX Explorer 5800 - largest all terrain crane in the area, and the 100 ton Tadano Rough Terrain crane.  Don’t forget about the UNIC Spydercrane - with the ability to crawl through a walk-in door, and set up on uneven sites, the minicrawler could be the perfect lifting solution for a tight spot.  We also provide services such as pile driving, and man-lift rentals.  If needed, our man-baskets,  concrete buckets and spreader bars will be readily available.  Structural inspection certificates available upon request for all lifting equipment.

A complete list of equipment and prices is provided in the Rates & Equipment sections of this site.